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What Do Teaching Assistants Do?

Teaching assistants provide individualized attention to students and assist teachers with necessary tasks. Even the best teachers don't have enough time to work one-on-one with all of their students—and that's why teaching assistants are so important.

Teaching assistants play an important role in children's lives and have the opportunity to make a lasting difference! Besides working individually with students, teaching assistants can assist teachers by:

  • Grading papers
  • Overseeing classes
  • Helping with homework
  • Addressing individual student needs
  • Helping with projects
  • Teaching classes

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Gain Real-Life Experience Working With Children

Teaching assistants are priceless in today's role over-crowded classrooms. Whether you want to pursue a career as a full-time teacher, or if you simply wish to help children grow and learn as a teaching assistant, a degree can help you get started on the right path.

Teaching assistant positions are common for students who are working towards becoming a teacher. A position as a teaching assistant can allow you to gain valuable real-life experience working with children, grading homework and identifying different learning styles.

New Teaching Assistants Are Needed

The education sector is growing at a steady pace—in 2008 alone, teaching assistants held about 1.3 million jobs! [1] Teaching assistants often pursue their own education while working, so salaries can vary based on location, education level, and more. Teaching assistants can earn between $17,610 and $28,180 annually, and many full-time workers receive health coverage and other benefits. [2]

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Earn Your Teaching Assistant Degree

If you want to pursue a career as a teaching assistant, you should know that a high degree of importance is placed on education! Most employers require at least a certificate or associate's degree in order to get started.

As a student, your classes will likely focus on:

  • Working with children
  • Communication skills
  • Learning methodology

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