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What Do Pharmacy Assistants Do?

Pharmacy assistants, sometimes referred to as pharmacy technicians, help licensed pharmacists provide medication and other health care related products to patients. Access to the medicines we need to keep us alive and healthy is an essential part of the health care industry.

Pharmacy assistants typically work behind the counter at retail pharmacies, mail-order pharmacies, hospitals and nursing homes. They can perform many duties, including:

  • Receiving prescriptions
  • Preparing prescriptions
  • Working with customers
  • Maintaining files
  • Checking stock
  • Answering phones and other administrative tasks

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Gain Real-Life Experience Working at a Pharmacy

Working as a pharmacy assistant can be great experience for students working towards a degree in pharmacology who want to pursue a career as a pharmacist in the future.

Pharmacy assistants receive written prescriptions or requests for prescription refills. They must verify that the information on the prescription is complete and accurate and prepare prescriptions. Once prescriptions are filled, they must be checked by a pharmacist before they are given to patients.

Pharmacy Assistants are In-Demand [1]

Jobs for pharmacy assistants are expected to grow at an amazing rate of 31% by 2018. [2] Our population is getting older, and there is an ever-increasing need for medicine. In addition, scientific advances are bringing treatments for an increasing number of conditions and more pharmacy assistants will be needed to fill a growing number of prescriptions.

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Earn Your Pharmacy Assistant Degree

Most pharmacy assistant positions require at least some formal education and training. [3] As a pharmacy assistant student, you will have the opportunity to learn about:

  • Over-the-counter drugs and drug interactions
  • Filling and recording prescriptions
  • Interacting with customers
  • Administrative skills

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